Cubedelic 1.0

Enhance your eye-hand coordination and beat the game (See all)

Cubedelic is a marvelous little game similar to Tetris, but definitely not a Tetris game. Here our purpose is not to complete horizontal lines since the game board is already laid out in that disposition.

The main objective of the game like any other is to keep yourself alive, in this case by preventing the pile of blocks from reaching the top of the game board. To do this you need to concentrate and sharpen your sight to successfully locate groups of blocks of the same color, once you locate a group just click on it to make it disappear.

You can plan your tactics before you click on the blocks since the number of lines about to appear is shown on the bottom of the scenery. Several fun tools are provided to help you out a bit or maybe to make your life harder, such as the Bunny tool which accelerates the process of appearance of the new blocks making you do ten clicks per second to locate all the groups as fast as possible. Another magic tool will convert a lot of blocks to the same color making it easier to destroy them all at once.

The game has very pleasant sound effects, its lack of background music does not make it any less fantastic, since the colorful bright graphics and the game mode is more than great.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Teaches concentration
  • Enhances eye-hand coordination
  • Entertaining and fun


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